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CA Licensed & Guaranteed Computer Service


Unlike most computer repair services, we are licensed in California to do computer service.  Click on our computer license to verify it.  And while you're at it, check to see if any of our competitors are also licensed.  Our service is guaranteed by an independent guarantee service, unlike most of our competitors.  Click our guaranteed service for the details.  Also see our specialties, services.


Our Background & Ratings


Our company has been in business since January 1984, which is longer than most of our competitors.  We have an A+BBB Better Business Bureau rating.  We also have Business Consumer Alliance's higest AAA rating.  And we've been fixing Internet problems, since the first viruses started in 1990.  We also guarantee that we can remove all Internet problems & fix all of the problems that they caused.  See our Internet Services page for more information.


Our TV Interview


Our manager was interviewed on the Los Angeles KNBC TV 5:00 pm news, on January 31st.  He was their "real computer expert" who told them how to tell the difference between legal & counterfeit software.  The interview can be seen here by left-clicking on one of the following links: Windows video, MPEG video or QuickTime video.  You can also download the latest version of the free QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player from the links here to their web sites, if none of the links play, or if you get error messages.


Preventive Maintenance & Internet Security


We now offer mobile & remote computer service & Internet problem Preventive Maintenance service.  Once a month we will remotely check & update your Internet Security & Utility programs.  We will also remotely download & install any missing security or utilities with up to 22 FREE Internet Security & Utility programs if necessary.  And we'll install, customize & test each one, to make them as easy to use as possible, so they will find, stop, remove & prevent as many problems as long as possible.


Since like a car, it's less expensive overall, to prevent problems by doing recommended maintenance, than to pay much more to fix major problems more often, that could have been prevented.  And you have more time to use your computer, instead of spending more time & money to fix it.  So call us if you have any questions or to order our Preventive Maintenance service.  Also read about & watch how badly the Internet is infected with major problems, on our Internet Security & Myths page.


Microsoft's Windows XP Security notice


"alert Important notice for users of Windows XP:  The support for Windows XP with Service Pack 3 ended April 8, 2014.  So if you’re still running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3), to ensure that you will receive security updates for Windows, you need to upgrade to a later version.  Since you won't get more security updates for Windows XP."


But every day hackers continue to find many new bugs in every version of Windows.  So if you don't upgrade to a newer version by then, no Internet Security or utility program will be a ble to stop any new bug problem.  Since all Windows bugs can totally bypass all programs trying to stop them.  So call us to get an estimate to upgrade it.  And ask us how to prevent as many Internet & computer problems as long as possible with our 22 FREE Internet Security & Utility programs.


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Call us toll-free by clicking on our phone number.  Or call us at (951) 684-8724.


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